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brooke burke kimdir ? brooke burke biyografi
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brooke burke

Brooke was born on 1971 September 8 in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. She is originally French, Irish, and Portuguese. Her mother's name is Donna and father's name is George. She has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Among 7 children she is middle one. Brooke's eyes are dark brown. Her hairs are black. She has degree of UCLA.

She has join one modeling agency. At that time in media she was only one immediately noticed by a talent scout. After winning beauty pageant she has decided to move her career to modeling. At the age of 18 she was famous model for magazine covers and billboards to swimsuit calendars.

She has got scholarship for acting. Even when she was student of broadcast journalism student at UCLA she got scholarship. When was student she spend her free time in modeling. When she was in 1st year of journalism she signed with advertising agencies like Ford, Wilhelmina, and Cunningham-Escott-Dipene. Reality is that she has perfect body for modeling. She is also model of Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, and M Professional Cosmetics.

Apart from modeling she likes taking long walks, horseback riding, scuba diving, reading psychology books, cooking holiday meals, pilates, yoga and going to see movies and plays.

"When I was young, I wanted to do something more low-key, like become a drummer in a rock band," says Burke. She has one daughter named Neriah. Her close friend includes Neriah Davis and Nikki Schieler Ziering.

Now she spend maximum of 15 days per month at her Los Angeles home. Brooke appeared twice in year on the cover of Stuff Magazine.

Birth Date: 8 September 1971
Birth Place: Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Height: 5\' 7\"
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Black
Education: UCLA
Profession: Actress, Model
Hobby: pilates and yoga, taking long walks, scuba diving, horseback riding, reading psychology books, cooking holiday meals and going to see movies and plays.

Contact Information:
Brooke Burke
Attn: E! Wild On
5750 Wiltshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Brooke is French, Irish, and Portuguese girl. As being host for E!\'s adventure she is widely known as the bikini-dressed. At the age of 14 Brooke has one first beauty pageant. Then Brooke became model for ford agency. \"I never intended to make the cross-over from modeling to hosting, let alone acting, but when an incredible opportunity comes along, I\'m up for it.\" says Brooke.

As being model Brooke is on several magazine covers. Burke has top-selling swimsuit calendars. As one of the sexiest women in the world she is also ranked in men\'s magazines. She is well known as hottest tour guide and adrenaline junkie. Just because of the series \"Wild On\" which is seen by 120 countries people and in more than 400 million homes.

Bruke is including in the team of CBS and executive producer Mark Burnett. \"Need for Speed: Underground 2\" is hot video game and starter of this is a Brooke. For her good performance as starter she has received a Spike TV Video Game Award.

Brooke has ten years of advertising and extensive travel experience. Now Brooke is online at www.Venususa.com

Following is the list of Brooke Burke's film career.

Brooke Burke filmography as Actress

Movie Name

2004 Need for Speed: Underground 2
2004 Knuckle Sandwich
2004 The Hazing
1986 The Wraith

Brooke Burke TV Appearances

TV Series

2005 Rock Star: INXS
2004 Life Is Great with Brooke Burke
2004 Gilmore Girls Backstage Special
2004 Smallville Backstage Special
2003 I Love the '80s Strikes Back
2002 Road to the Red Carpet
2001 Rank
1997 Wild On

Brooke Burke TV Appearances as Guest

TV Series

2005 The Contender, episode - Series Finale
2005 Pet Star, episode - Judge
2005 Eve, episode - Lights, Camera, Face Crack!
2004 Good Day Live
2004 Jimmy Kimmel Live
2004 Good Day Live
2004 It's All Relative, episode - Who's Camping Now
2004 Less Than Perfect, episode - 22 Minus 1 Equals 4
2004 Monk, episode - Mr. Monk and the TV Star
2003 The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn
2003 Rock Me Baby, episode - Prior Engagement
2003 Jimmy Kimmel Live
2003 Jimmy Kimmel Live
2002 Last Call with Carson Daly
2002 Howard Stern
2002 E! News Daily
2002 The Best Damn Sports Show Period
2002 That's Life, episode - All About Lydia
2001 Weakest Link, episode - Television Hosts
2001 The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn

Brooke Burke - Quotes

In the United States, viewers don't get to see a lot of things we can show in other countries. We didn't get to show our naked Twister game from Wild On Jamaica, but we definitely filmed it.

I was sunbathing topless in Ibiza, and my friend wanted to eat at this caf? here everybody goes without putting on his or her tops or bottoms. He assured me, No, it's cool. Don't dress up. I went into the cavern sat down with him when all of a sudden I hear, Brooke! It was my dentist. I just played it cool, but needless to say, I changed dentists.

When I was young, I wanted to do something more low-key, like become a drummer in a rock band.

I like feet. I definitely have a fetish. I love to see a man's bare foot, but its got to be taken care of. If they're not well manicured, you've got to wonder what the rest of him is like. I don't want to get in bed with somebody and feel his gnarly feet.

Forget all the bars and schmoozing and everybody checking out everybody else. My ideal date would be to park in a dark place, check out the stars, and have a great conversation. When all else fails, you can just make out.

I never intended to make the cross-over from modeling to hosting, let alone acting, but when an incredible opportunity comes along, I'm up for it.

I was at this bar in the Australian outback, watching Aussie? Rules football and learning local slang. So I'm there getting? perved,? Which means everybody's checking me out, and this guy with a lot of beer in him comes right up and says, So, hey, how about that root? which means to have intercourse. I was so shocked, I don't know if I said anything. But I like forwardness. No American guy's ever done that to me.

I'm horrified of lobsters. And shrimp and lobsters are the cockroaches of the ocean.

Before the show I was a real paperback-by-the-pool sort of girl. I would backpack through Europe and modeled in South Africa, but I would never have ventured out on a puddle-jumper, then a bus ride, then a two-hour boat trip up a river through the jungle to see Belizean ruins. I always thought, Hey, I'm here to chill.

I don't want to say, 'This is where I'm going to be in five years and I'm going to get there no matter what.' I want to leave it open. I'm not a desperate actress dying to star in a B movie in a bikini.

Coming from the modeling industry I have to exercise a lot, but I do enjoy it... I don't want to put my swimsuit on if I'm not fit.

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