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bon jovi

Jon Bon Jovi once greeted an eager young reporter with the warning: 'Just don't ask me any questions about my hair!' But undeniably, this Lord of the poodle rockers (christened John Francis Bongiovi) did more than any artist to boost sales of hairspray in the '80s. For a period from the late '80s to the mid '90s, Bon Jovi were one of the biggest-selling acts in the world thanks to the bubblegum metal of tracks like You Give Love A Bad Name, Bad Medicine, Livin' On A Prayer and the albums Slippery When Wet and New Jersey. Jon's spandex trousers and lipstick, powder and paint may have been frowned upon by his New Jersey compatriot Bruce Springsteen though.

Jon has always stressed his working class 'Noo Joisey' roots and love of a Springsteen tune, but really, what hard-working steelworker can order a beer in his local dressed in lurid pink spandex trousers, ripped T-shirt and sporting a carefully coiffed hairdo?
Bon Jovi were formed in Sayreville, New Jersey in 1983 by Jon Bon Jovi and keyboardist David Bryan and soon recruited Richie Sambora (lead guitar), bassist Alec Such and drummer Tico Torres. Jon had tried to gain a foothold in the music business by helping out at his cousin's recording studio where he found time to cut a demo of his song, Runaway which gained airplay on various local radio stations. By the summer of 1983 the band had signed a worldwide deal with Polygram. Their first two albums, 1984's Bon Jovi and 1985's 7800 Degrees Fahrenheit received a lukewarm response from critics who dismissed them as formulaic, glossy metal. But Jon's wild mane of hair and pretty boy looks meant that the band could always be marketed if the right tune came along. Then, in 1986 the band conjured up the single You Give Love A Bad Name, a song that would feature their trademark squalling riffs and anthemic choruses. Subsequent, saucily titled album Slippery When Wet made the requisite splash, not so much with metal fans but with people who didn't really like metal - housewives, schoolgirls, builders, etc. Next single Livin' On A Prayer was a strife-ridden tale of love on the breadline and feature done of the most bombastically unforgettable choruses in rock. The album was crammed with hook-laden tunes and just enough edge to convince hard bitten rock fans that they hadn't sold out. Wanted Dead Or Alive gave a hint of Jon's cowboy fantasies while I'd Die For You and Never Say Goodbye were the obligatory 'lighters aloft' ballads. The album's success was partly down to the hiring of songsmith Desmond Child, whose knack around a catchy tune helped the album to sell millions.

The band were now at the height of their career and feeling more confident about their songwriting abilities they took a more Springsteen-like direction on the 1988 follow-up album, New Jersey. There was more rock and less puff although the hook-laden tunes remained with Living In Sin and Blood On Blood. Again the assured nature of the songwriting helped it to sell millions. Soon after its release Jon took a solo detour, releasing Blaze Of Glory, the title song to the 1990 cowboy flick Young Guns II in which he also starred. He also married childhood sweetheart Dorothea Hurley in 1989. The band reconvened in 1992 for the album Keep The Faith. Again, the band didn't veer far from the script with hook laden rock tunes like I'll Sleep When I'm Dead. A subsequent compilation album Crossroads, sold by the truckload as did their follow up studio album, These Days, which hit No.1 in Britain in 1995.

By this time Jon was turning into a celeb outside the band and started to concentrate on movie roles. In 1996 he took a starring role in the film Moonlight and Valentino before releasing his first official solo album, Destination Anywhere which spawned a Top 5 single with Midnight In Chelsea. Jon even turned up on Chris Evans' TFI Friday performing a cover of Simon & Garfunkel's Mrs. Robinson. Further film roles in The Leading Man and Little City followed. The band returned in 1999 with a one-off single, Real Life, followed a year later by the album, Crush. The band's sound was even more mainstream with tinges of 60s Britpop over-riding the lipstick metal. The band released the live album, One Wild Night in 2001 just to prove they could wig out with the best of them before Jon went off to star as a plumber in several episodes of the TV drama Ally McBeal. Some critics said it was the best pipe work of his career.

The band returned in 2002 with the Bounce album, an uncharacteristically dour affair that was tinged by the terrorist bombings of 11 September. The band also participated in the New York tribute concert for the victims of the attacks and dedicated the album to New York. One reviewer remarked that Bon Jovi discussing terrorism was like The Tweenies discussing third world debt. Tut tut. Just because a man takes care of his hair why can't he be taken seriously in the political arena?
2005 album Have A Nice Day returns to what Bon Jovi do best, effervescent, metal-lite tunes crammed with hummable hooks. Undeterred, Jon even keeps up the political swiping in the title track as he attacks the re-election of George Bush. Controversial? Hell yeah! Just don't ask him about his hair...

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