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Armed with a mockney swagger and Fred Perry T-shirts, Blur would lay down the template for Britpop. Their celebration of the parochial aspects of English life reached its peak with 1994's era-defining Parklife album - from lippy cockneys, greyhounds and 18-30 holiday enthusiasts and a sound rooted in the observational lyrical style of The Kinks and the Small Faces, Blur laid down an enduring pop manifesto. And they managed to annoy the hell out of Liam Gallagher along the way...

Blur were formed in London while vocalist Damon Albarn, , bassist Alex James and guitarist Graham Coxon were studying at Goldsmiths college. Coxon had first spotted Albarn when he played a debut solo gig at Colchester Arts Centre in 1988. Albarn's desire to make music had always been encouraged by his artist father and his mother, a stage designer. After recruiting Dave Rowntree on drums, the band convened in London and began playing the lower rungs of London's gig circult. A year later the quartet, operating under the name Seymour, were signed to Food Records, run by ex-Teardrop Explodes keyboardist David Balfe and Sounds journalist Andy Ross. Ross suggested they change their name to Blur. Their debut single, She's So High rode the coat-tails of the Madchester, retro funk baggy scene as did the follow up, the psychedelic, infectious, There's No Other Way which hit the Top 10 in 1991. A third single, Bang, preceded their debut album, Leisure. The album received mixed reviews and when next single Popscene failed to rise above No.34 in the UK charts the band could feel the Madchester backlash and were being viewed with the same pity as the Mock Turtles or the Soup Dragons. The band disappeared and came back in 1992 with their early Britpop template album, Modern Life Is Rubbish. The album showed that the band's songwriting had come on leaps and bounds with the impressive singles, For Tomorrow and Chemical World

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