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blue october

History For Sale (Brando Records) is the crown jewel for one of the most passionate and hardest working bands in the World today. Blue October have spent the past 2 years writing, rehearsing, touring, recording and painting the beautiful portrait that has become the 12 collective songs of their new CD, History For Sale. Beginning with the self-deprecating opener "Ugly Side," this album surgically dissects the mind and memories of songwriter/vocalist Justin Furstenfeld. From the snarling guitar riffs of "Razorblade," through the beautiful and soul touching moments of "Calling You," "Chameleon Boy," and "Amazing," this is an album drenched in honest emotion.

The way Justin just puts it all out there; puts his most personal thoughts and feelings out for anyone to hear is both courageous and heart wrenching. From the melancholy requests in "Ugly Side" ("I only want you to seemy favorite part of meand not my ugly side") and "Amazing" ("Can you pretend I'm amazing?I can pretend I'm amazingInstead of what we both know.") to the loving question in "Calling You" ("I will keep calling you to seeIf you're sleeping, are you dreaming?If you're dreaming, are you dreaming of me?") and through the biting testimony of "Razorblade" ("In a way, I failed religionI spit the wine from mouth to cup And I reached for something more than just a God") you will begin to understand the emotional attachment the droves of fans who flock to Blue October shows have with this man; this band.

The making of History For Sale was a bittersweet project for Blue October. This is not a band looking for overnight success; looking for the huge major label deal; or looking for "industry" approval. They've been there; done that; and learned from every success and mistake. In 2000, the band released their major label debut Consent To Treatment on Universal Records. In 2001, they were released from that institution. "The new album is almost like a form of vengeance to our old label," says Justin. "We want to show them that we were never into making music to make radio hits, but rather to reach out to our listeners. Our fans are a huge reason why we are still going strong today, and we thank God everyday for having them."

And then there are the listeners. The fans. The devoted. The people who feel what Blue October feelthe people who feel what you feel. Lost. Depressed. Happy. Confused. The people who one moment are euphoric and the next are feeling completely devastated inside but are through with hiding it. Blue October fans are loyal participants in ongoing group therapy. Every album, every show for them is a consent to treatment. They own all the records. They know and sing every word of every song at the shows. They drive hundreds of miles to see them perform. They don't just love this band; they live and breathe this band. Justin and the boys hand out little doses of treatment with every song. There's nothing quite like realizing you are not alone, to make you feel just a little better about yourself and about life. This band and their fans have a connection.

This is not just a band and not just an album. Blue October is a lifestyle and History For Sale is a prescription to feel. There is no telling exactly how you will react, but one thing is for sure, Blue October and History For Sale will affect you today, and possibly for the rest of your life.

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