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bjork kimdir ? bjork biyografi
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Hang on. The singer seems to be dressed as a giant purple meringue with black foliage painted on her arms and red blotches on her eyes? And she's dancing the hornpipe?! Oh and there's a dead swan wrapped around her neck. Yep. That'll be Bjork then. Detractors may call her a pretentious, kooky Icelandic pixie but since her debut solo album, cunningly titled Debut, almost ten years ago, no solo artist has produced a more memserising concoction of shizophrenic beats. Bjork's amazing voice combines innocence, gibberish, humour and happiness. Her music leaves song structure at the door and steps instead into a limitless musical space of Eskimo choirs, celestial harps, warped dance beats and laptop electronics. You don't have to have a dead swan draped around your shoulders to enjoy it. But it might help...

Bjork Gudmundsdottir was born in Reykjavik, Iceland on 21 October 1965. She grew up in a communal family grounded in indigenous Icelandic folk and literary culture that would help feed her creativity. She also studied classical music and she was a child performer at the age of 11 when her version of Tina Charles' I Love To Love was played on local radio. This led to a self titled album of covers with many of Iceland's top musicians. The elfin child prodigy then graduated to her first band, Exodus and in 1981, aged 14 she formed another, Tappi Tikarrass which translated as the charming local phrase, Cork The Bitch's Arse. Bjork also worked with Killing Joke's Jaz Coleman and Youth. Several more musical experiments followed, including guesting for a free form jazz rock duo, Stifgrim and then playing synthesizer in a covers band, Cactus. A Banshees style outfit, Kukl followed before Bjork teamed up with Bragi Olafsson, Thor Eldton (the father of her son, Sindri) and Einar Mellax to form Iceland's most famous musical export, The Sugarcubes. Their debut single on One Little Indian Records, Birthday, was typical of the band's mixture of lolloping basslines, ethereal production and Bjork's inimitable vocals.

Bu biyografi (bjork) 1963 kez okundu.

Biyografi: bjork Hayat-yaam hakknda bilgi veriyor.

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