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billie holiday kimdir ? billie holiday biyografi
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billie holiday

Next time you hear the words 'jazz' and 'diva' mentioned in the same breath as Katie Melua or Amy Winehouse, it would be wise to laugh, try not to spill your beverage on your coffee table and think back instead to the genuine article. Billie Holiday took the phrase 'suffering for your art' to new levels. Her private life was full of abusive relationships, drug addictions and periods of prostitution - experiences which undoubtedly coloured her heartbreakingly sensitive vocal performances. Fifty years after her death, Billie Holiday remains one of the most revered vocalists of the 20th century.

Billie Holiday was born in Baltimore in 1915. To say she endured a hard childhood would be severely understating the case. Her musician father, Clarence Holiday, left the family while Billie was still a child. (In later years Holiday would always avoid using him on her own sessions). Holiday's mother, Sadie, was still a teenager at the time and found it hard to cope with a child, often leaving Billie with uncaring relatives who it is said, often abused her. Billie was raped when she was 11 years of age and was put into a Catholic reform school. Although she was sentenced to stay there until she became an adult, a family friend helped get her released after two years. Billie eventually moved to New York with her mother in 1929. To survive Billie worked as a maid and then as a teenage prostitute, aged just 15. She soon began singing in bars and restaurants and her big break came in 1933 when she was spotted by record producer John Hammond. He wrote up a review in a column and brought band leader Benny Goodman to one of her performances. Holiday joined a small group led by Goodman to make her record debut on November 27, 1933 with Your Mother's Son-In-Law.

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