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anna vissi kimdir ? anna vissi biyografi
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anna vissi

Anna Vissi was born in 20 December 1957 in the island of Cyprus. She started musical lessons at 6 years old, by Attending the Cyprus conservatory.

At her 12 years, she won the first place at a "Best Voice" contest, held in Cyprus. She had already a great talent so her mother decided to move all the family to Greece, where she could offer better opportunities for Anna' s musical career. As soon as they arrived in the capital of Greece, she signed a contract with the Greek discography company Minos and started working with some of the most famous Greek composers and singers like Charis Alexiou, George Dalaras, etc.

She participated twice at the Eurovision, first time representing Greece and the second time Cyprus where she won the 5th place with a song of her composition. In 1977 Anna won the first prize at the Music Festival in Thessaloniki. Since 1983 until now, Anna Vissi sings composition from Nikos Karvelas, they got married for several years and they had a daughter, Sofia. Anna Vissi has become the most popular artist in Greece and Cyprus, combining great looks, a magnificent voice and exceptional performance, live on stage.

AII her records have become best sellers, turning gold or platinum. She was continuously changing her look, and every song she performed, was a new proposition towards Greek music.

Last years Anna Vissi decided to begin a career abroad. Her first step was with the CD single "Forgive me this" in America and Australia where the press took interest in Anna .

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