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aly & aj

Following two No. 1 Radio Disney songs, No One from the Ice Princess film soundtrack and Do You Believe In Magic, (the single for which has sold over 50,000 copies), sister duo Aly & AJ will release their debut project, INTO THE RUSH, to the general market August 16th and to the CBA market October 4th on Hollywood Records.

Having developed a strong passion for music at very young ages and playing the piano since they were six years old, Aly & AJ now 16 and 14, compose most of their songs on their guitars. The energy and spirit the sisters bring to their music colors the entire album, for which they have written or co-written all of the songs. Though they may be young teens, when it comes to writing songs, they aim high. We want our songs to be fun, but we also want to write about deeper issues that make people think and issues that we can all relate to in one way or another, says AJ.

Aly & AJs song "I Am One of Them" tackles the tough subject of child kidnappings. They want to bring awareness by encouraging kids to look out for one another and use precautions and safety measures to empower them. AJ contributed a track called "Protecting Me," a song featured in a Disney Channel "Phil of the Future" episode, which addresses the vulnerable nature of being a kid today. Says Aly: "We want to let kids know they have the power to protect themselves and one another." Aly & AJ have also written songs that address the issues of relationships, heartaches, staying true to yourself and celebrating your own uniqueness.

Today, Aly co-stars in the hit Disney Channel series "Phil of the Future and AJ has had recurring and guest-star roles in many major network shows including "Six Feet Under," "Oliver Beene", Birds of Prey, "The Guardian," and "General Hospital."

The signature track from the original Disney Channel movie "Now You See It," (starring Aly), is the remake of the 60s classic Do You Believe In Magic, which became the No.1 most requested song on Radio Disney. The song also reached No. 2 on the Billboard Single Charts.

In addition to becoming the No.1 most requested song on Radio Disney, a hit on Yahoo Music!, and a featured song on ABCs hit show, Alias, their follow-up single No One was featured throughout the opening scene and introductory credits of the movie Ice Princess, starring Kim Cattrall and Joan Cusack.

Currently riding high off the success of their current single Walking On Sunshine from the Herbie Fully Loaded soundtrack, Aly & AJ have received over 600 total music video spins on The Disney Channel. The video for Walking On Sunshine is also receiving exposure on both AOL and Yahoo!

Along with a taped live performance set to air in over 50 Regal movie theaters across the country, look for features on Aly & AJ in Tiger Beat, Twist, Music Express, Bop, Sweet Sixteen and more, as well as performances scheduled in various mall music retail shops mid-August in New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles.

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