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alexis bledel kimdir ? alexis bledel biyografi
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alexis bledel

Birth Name
Kimberly Alexis Bledel
Date of birth (location)
16 September 1982
Houston, Texas, USA


Though some may have seen talented ingenue Alexis Bledel in modeling assignments that featured her brown-haired, blue-eyed angelic beauty, or even less likely, caught her performances in Houston community theater productions, for the great majority of the audience, she first appeared as Rory Gilmore, the younger of The WB's "Gilmore Girls".

Though the actress began her craft as a way to combat shyness beginning at age eight, the Texas native landed a modeling contract that led to work throughout her teens, thanks in no small part to her untarnished, pink-cheeked all-American good looks. She even accepted assignments in such cosmopolitan overseas locales as Milan and Tokyo as well as New York and Los Angeles.

After completing high school and her freshman year as a film major at New York University, Bledel was cast as sixteen-year-old Rory on "Gilmore Girls", more than capably handling the assignment of playing the daughter of a somewhat flaky but hardworking single mother (Lauren Graham). A straight-A student who jumps from her comfortable local public school to a high-pressure tony preparatory academy, Rory faces the challenges of any high schooler, including peer pressure, young love and seemingly hopeless awkwardness. Bledel's excellent chemistry with TV mom Graham and her (often heartbreakingly) realistic portrayal of the character coupled with the poignant and fresh writing of the series itself led to "Gilmore Girls" critical acclaim and cult following, holding its own as a portrait of a common family unit under-represented in popular culture despite a deathly time slot that had it competing with "Survivor" and "Friends" in its first season.

While the show wasn't so much a breakout hit as a heart-tugging sleeper with good potential, Bledel seemed poised to go far, both within the series and in other projects.

The actress lensed her first feature film role, playing Winnie Foster in "Tuck Everlasting," an adaptation of the popular children's novel by Natalie Babbit. Bledel's ethereal girl-woman quality (she played 15-year-old heroine Winnie while in her early 20s) earned her the role instantly--she was the first and only actress interviewed by director Jay Russell.

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