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Air are a French band whose music doesn't easily fit into any category. They are often described as ambient or nebulous and their critically acclaimed album, Moon Safari, has been hailed as the lounge music for the 21st century. Air have been highly praised in such magazines as 'The Face' and 'Rolling Stone'.

'Moon Safari' was hailed as one of the greatest releases of 1998. Air's single 'Sexy Boy' recieved much radio airplay, as did their fantastic single 'Kelly Watch the Stars'. 'All I Need' with beautiful vocals from American singer Beth Hirsch became somewhat of a classic among the fans and got quite a respectable amount of airplay for a while but the popular market was screaming for something new.

Air have remained an intangeable force in music - never cracking the popular market but somehow slowly becoming known outside a group of loyal and faithful fans. Even better, it is not publicity that is responsible for this - it is their music, pure and simple and with the talent that these boys display i'm sure they will keep us interested for a long time to come.

Air themselves are a two piece consisting of two 30 yr old divine gentlemen called jean-benoit dunckel and Nicolas Godin. They live in Paris, near the famous palace of Versailles. Of their album 'Moon Safari', j-b says 'Air's music is searching more in a harmony way than a rhythm way - we think only in terms of feeling the keyboards and finding good chords.'

He believes Air are 'pure musicians', unlike dj's with whom j-b sees nothing in common. Bit pretentious really, but he can afford to be. Air have been recognised by such international artists as beck, who made a recording of one of air's songs and Sean Lennon who appeared on their European tour. In France and England they are very well known.

Air released Talkie Walkie, to great critical acclaim in early 2004.

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