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adriana sklenarikova kimdir ? adriana sklenarikova biyografi
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adriana sklenarikova

Adriana Sklenarikova was born September 17, 1971, in Brezno, Slovakia, which was the former Russian state of Czechoslovakia. During her childhood, she was faced with some difficult times as a result of being in a poor country seized with war. Adriana has often been described as shy, with a very strong character. Adriana was enrolled as a medical student in Prague when she took part in a modeling contest and won. It was a big change for her coming into the fashion world, it was like entering an underground culture.

Adriana is a vision, to both look at and admire, she is truly the essence of beauty, and at only 28 years of age, she is at the prime of her life. An accomplished model appearing on virtually every men's magazine, she has graced the yearly issue of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Whether it's the long flowing blonde hair, or the sultry lips, there is something magical about Adriana.

With her incredible beauty and grace, Adriana was quickly contracted by Next Modeling Agency in New York, and Elite Modeling in Milan. Another big break came after being chosen as the new Wonder Bra girl that added incredible exposure for her, and she has been in plenty of advertisement campaigns since then. Adriana has represented many big companies including Argentovivo, Byron Lars, Laura Biagiotti, Levante Hosiery, List, Love Sex Money, Onyx Jeans, Peroni Beer, Red Point, and Roberto Cavalli.

In 1999, the weekly magazine L'Evnment published a list of favorites where in the French erotic dreams Adriana is listed together with Sophie Marceau and Laetitia Casta. This was the start of brilliant career as a model in Paris. Adriana's modeling contract with Peroni Beer paved the final stretch to fame, where she appeared in TV spots. She is now part of the Victoria Secret modeling team with other great supermodels like Tyra Banks and Daniela Pestova.

Adriana is now happily living in Madrid, with her soccer player husband Christian Karembeu. Their marriage was a major event in Spain in December of 1998. Adriana is one of the best known models in Europe, and her husband is the star of one of the country's leading soccer teams.

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