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adam garcia

Adam Garcia

Birth Name
Adam Gabriel Garcia
Date of birth (location)
1 June 1973
Wahroonga, New South Wales, Australia


Adam Garcia has just completed filming a leading role in the new film "Love's Brother" in which he stars opposite Giovanni Ribisi, Amelia Warner and David Suchet. This bittersweet drama, set in the 1950's in Australia, tells the story of the trials and tribulations of two brothers as they search for love and the perfect bride.

In June this year, Garcia returned to the West End to play the role of 'Tyler' in The Royal Court theatre production of 'Where Do We Live?' by Christopher Shinn, directed by Richard Wilson. Starring alongside Daniel Evans, the production ran for 6 weeks, receiving exceptional reviews: "And the support is excellent: Adam Garcia exudes sleek self-admiration." The Observer

Garcia began 2002 on Broadway where he joined Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel in Gotham for a reading of Stephen Schwartz's new musical "Wicked" as the role of 'Fiyero'. Based on Gregory Maguire's novel, the show tells the pre-"Wizard of Oz" tale, written by Schwartz and TV scribe Winnie Holzman ("Once and Again") directed by Joe Mantello and produced by Marc Platt for Universal.

This year, Garcia also completed filming the role of Scott Doherty in independent thriller 'Fascination'. Filmed in Puerto Rico with Jacqueline Bisset, Alice Evans and Stuart Wilson, 'Fascination' is directed by Klaus Menzel and produced by Goldcrest Films International.

Last year, Adam starred as the lead in 'The First $20 Million Is Always The Hardest' for 20th Century Fox. Based on the book (of the same name) by Po Bronson, and Jon Favreau's screenplay, the film has been directed by Mick Jackson ('Volcano', 'The Bodyguard'). The film is produced by Ocean Pictures and co-stars Rosario Dawson ('Josie And The Pussycats'.)

Garcia hit the big screens in 2000 as the lead male role of Kevin in the Bruckheimer / Disney romantic comedy 'Coyote Ugly.' Starring alongside newcomer Piper Perabo, ER's Mario Bello, John Goodman and supermodel Tyra Banks, Adam's performance was received with much critical acclaim.

Columbia Tristar's 'Riding in Cars with Boys,' directed by Penny Marshall and starring Drew Barrymore had its US release in October and its UK release in December 2001. Adam plays the role of Jason, Beverly's (Drew Barrymore) son and received the following acclaim for his portrayal: "Adam Garcia does a fine job as Bev's likeable collage-age son" (USA Today) ".Garcia captures all the angst such a role-reversal brings with it.' (Edmonton Sun)

Prior to his Hollywood debut, Adam had returned to his native Australia to take the lead in 'Bootmen,' a film with 'Tap Dogs' founder Dein Perry (a joint production of Fox Searchlight and the Australian Film Commission). Starring as Sean - a steel worker with a passion for tap dancing - Adam was described as 'a rugged and handsome lead, who seems like a screen natural.' He was subsequently honoured by being asked to tap dance a sequence from the film at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games 2000 in Sydney in front of the crowds of thousands.

Born in Sydney, Australia in 1973, Adam Garcia trained at the renowned Capital Dance Studios in Sydney. On finishing his training, he landed a role in the Australian production of 'Hot Shoe Shuffle,' which, when brought to the West End, marked his London stage debut. He maintained his presence in the London theatre scene with a series of roles including that of 'Young Al' in 'Birdy' and 'Doody' (one of the famous T-Birds) in 'Grease.'

Adam subsequently landed the lead in 'Saturday Night Fever' (a Robert Stigwood production) which opened to rave reviews throughout the British media. He spent a year in this role (appearing in 8 shows a week), and was nominated for an Olivier Award for his outstanding performance.

Adam briefly returned to the stage to appear at the Soho Theatre in London in April 2001 as part of their "Four Plays: Four Weeks" programme. Adam took the role of Chris in Marta Emmit's 'Cadillac Ranch', as a young American wannabe cowboy, and once again received undisputed critical acclaim.

Adam Garcia continues to storm to the heights of success, winning over audiences and critics alike. Tipped as one to watch, the general consensus is that "Garcia has stardom written all over him." (Urban Cinefile - whom awarded Adam in their Birthday honours list for his 'outstanding acting achievement in a leading role.')

Taken from : www.adamgarcia.com

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