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You must know the story by now? Sweden's biggest ever export since Volvo cars? Over 300m albums sold worldwide? Agnetha the blonde one was married to Bjorn the dorky one and brunette Anni-Frid loved beardy Benny? In April 1974 Abba won the Eurovision Song Contest for Sweden with Waterloo and overcame the show's overwhelming sense of naff to become the most commercially successful group of the Seventies. And when the relationships within the band began to crumble the edge in their music made their songs even more compelling. Even Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd couldn't match their success. What use was a Floydian inflatable pig next to Agnetha's cute bum?

Abba actually had years of history and countless local hits between them before they rose to fame. By 1969 Agnetha Falstkog was a popular singer in Sweden in her own right. Benny Andersson was mobbed as a member of Sweden's top rock n roll band the Hep Stars while Bjorn had been a weirdy beardy folk artist in the Hootenanny Singers. Meanwhile Anni -Frid Lyngstad was struggling with a series of standards and ballads. Anni-Frid and Benny announced their engagement in August 1969. (Both had children with other partners). Agnetha and Bjorn married in July 1970 - a picture postcard wedding in a Swedish village complete with horse-drawn carriage. Bjorn and Benny had already established a songwriting partnership after the demise of their respective bands and in 1973 the foursome united as Abba (an acronym of the initials of their forenames and also the name of a Swedish canned fish company!)

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