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Gothenburg politically charged Doom Metal band ABANDON's first recording session resulted in the 1998 demo 'Dark Days Ahead'. The band line-up at this juncture comprised vocalist Johan Karlsson, guitarists Ingvar Sandgren and RELEVANT FEW's Johan Nilsson, bassist Carl Linnaeus and drummer Magnus Hggman. A second demo, 'Unfinished Blasphemy' recorded in 2000, saw Dani Cosimi taking over on drums.

ABANDON's debut album, 'When It Falls Apart', arrived in December 2001, seeing the band now functioning as a quartet of Karlsson, Sandgren, Cosimi and bassist David Fredriksson. The album 'In Reality We Suffer' was first issued in September of 2004 through Black Star Foundation and limited to 500 copies. European tourdates were undertaken that October in a road alliance with Malm's CROWPATH. Subsequently, 'In Reality We Suffer' would be picked up by Codebreaker Records for a re-release that November, with new artwork, then licensed to Earache Records for a further re-release in North America during April of 2005.

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