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abaddon incarnate

The name Abaddon Incarnate came about as a result of the bands music which most definitely provided the inspiration for this name change. But, like all bands, Abaddon has a history.

Abaddon Incarnate was a five piece back in 1991 and they then called themselves Bereaved. While still playing death metal, it was more sedate in nature taking in topics relating more to magic and the occult. As Bereaved, two demos were released which resulted in some preliminary interest from some underground labels, but due to the departure of their drummer in 1993, this situation was never taken advantage of. During the following year Bereaved played with several stand in drummers, none of whom quite filled the position and it wasnt until the summer of 1993 that a permanent replacement was found in Olan Parkinson. Bereaved started writing new material for the first time in almost two years.

By late 94 Alan Kelly, who had been with the band since the start decided to pursue an alternative career and left shortly before they recorded the third demo (When The Demons Come). It was at this point that Bereaved changed their name to Abaddon Incarnate as they felt that the new music was distinctly faster, heavier and topically, heading in a new direction. However it was still not quite there in terms of style and compared to the newer material being written at that time, the five songs on it were quite different. It was for these reasons that "Demons" was not widely distributed.

In 1996 Abaddon recorded a two track sampler in one day. The tracks on this sampler were later to appear on their debut album. The tracks were Nihilist and Temple of rancid filth. Again, only a handful of these tapes was ever distributed but it was this sampler that eventually reached Season of mist in Frsance in early 1998. On the strength of this sampler Abaddon Incarnate secured a two album deal with the label.

In October 1998 Abaddon travelled to Tico Tico studios in Finland and under the reluctant guidance of Athi (Sentenced, Impaled Nazarene) recorded their debut entitled The last Supper which included ten hate filled tracks drawing on influences such as early Morbid Angel, Impaled Nazarene and Brutal Truth. The album was set for an early 99 release but due to recurring problems did not see shop shelves until September of the same year.

It was during this waiting period that Abaddon was to see the loss of another long suffering member. Rob Tierney, the original bassist, left to follow a promising career in graphic design. Luckily a replacement was found within months. Cory Sloan joined in July 1999. Those of you who may be familiar with the early 90s underground in Ireland may recognise the name

Cory used to play with The Fifth Dominion and Thy Sinister Bloom. It was at this time that Abaddon supported Morbid Angel in Dublin, in October of 1999. Just after Christmas 2000, Abaddon decided to drop Seasons Of Mist as their label and take control of the recording of their second album. Season had just signed Mayhem and seemed to be putting all their efforts into that venture, leaving little time and indeed money for the labels other bands. So for the next year Abaddon would rewrite almost all of the material for the second album hoping to record mid 2001. During the summer of 2000, Abaddon travelled to Germany and played some Gigs with well known German death band Impending Doom. These gigs were a great success giving Abaddon their first taste of the European audiences.

Meanwhile, Abaddon were experiencing some difficulties in getting a studio and an engineer that would suit them and their new material. But in May 2001, with perseverance and some luck, they managed to get Mieszko from Nasum, (Exhumed, Regurgitate), to agree to engineer and produce the album in Soundlab studios in Sweden. Also out of the blue, up and coming Irish metal label Sentinel records have offered the band a deal for this album.
During the last 2 weeks in July 2001, Abaddon entered the studio and began working on 'Nadir'. Happy with the result they kept low key whilst the album was being prepared by Sentinel Records. In October 2001, the album was releasd nationwide and since that period, Abaddon have played many gigs around Ireland supporting 'Nadir'.

In 2002, Abaddon performed two mini tours with Welsh Death Metallers Desecration. The first tour included the Czech Republic, England, and Wales, and the second, Spain and France. These tours helped the sales of ''Nadir' considerably, and in August the album was released in Russia through IROND, and on cassette via Catatonia distribution in Indonesia. Unfortunately it was around this time that Cory, (bassist and backing vocalist) decided to leave the band and concentrate on moving across the waters to Sweden.

At the end of year the band travelled to Switzerland to headline the CARNAGE METAL FESTIVAL. Next year Abaddon intend to tour as much as possible. Some Australian and European dates have already been confirmed, and their next album, to be recorded next October, (again in Soundlab, in Sweden), will be released by XTREEM MUSIC (ex-Repulse)...

Abaddon Incarnateis:
Steve Maher - Vocals / Lead guitar
Bill Whelan - Backing Vocals /Lead guitar
Olan Parkinson - Drums

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