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Guido Meyer de Voltaire (rhythm guitar & vocals)
Nick Homfeldt (drums)
Sven Krautkraemer (bass)
Daniel Hauenstein (lead guitar)

The AARDVARKS from Bonn/Germany were founded in spring 1993 by the two brothers Guido and Andreas Meyer de Voltaire. On their long quest for musicians, which whom they would be able to realize their ideas and imaginations perfectly on stage and in studio, they met Nick Homfeldt in October 1995 on drums and finally in April 1996 Sven Krautkramer on bass. In Febuary 1998 Andreas left the band to concentrate on his studies, but in Daniel Hauenstein they soon found a replacement more than worthy. Their compositions unite the influences of the Thrash, Heavy und Death Metal of the last decade in all its various styles. Power, aggression and melody are combined to a harmonic general concept, which fascinates a varied auditory. AARDVARKS create their atmospheric sound - as a counterpole to most acts of the current genre - without the use of any keyboards, just with the traditional intruments. Their songs exist of slow-melodic parts as well as pulsing mid-tempo riffings or sceaming-brutal thrash-parts...

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