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a storybook ending kimdir ? a storybook ending biyografi
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a storybook ending

from the heart of southern california's orange county comes A STORYBOOK ENDING, a five piece melodic rock and roll band that the rest of the world will soon come to know. formed in the summer of 2002, the five young men in storybook have already managed to create quite a name for themselves within the orange county rock scene. drawing from numerous influences that stem from all sorts of various styles of rock, a storybook ending has managed to create its own brand of heartfelt music, the likes of which many have come to love. driven by the need to share their music with those around them, a storybook ending has strived to become a force to be reckoned with through their energetic stage performance. with hopes of touching the hearts of each and every person they perform for, brian dabu, blake corbin, kyle stanley, kyle hutchison, and danny casler wish only one thing... to spread the storybook rock for many years to come.

danny casler - vocals
blake corbin - guitar
kyle stanley - bass / vocals
kyle hutchison - drums / vocals

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