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a long winter kimdir ? a long winter biyografi
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a long winter

A Long Winter is a band of 3. it is a band of 3 strange . this band consists of jerry 'the horny beast' clien, kevin roberts, and the assman (A.K.A. Karen).

Kevin Roberts is the most sane member of the band. he only spent 3 years in the mental institution. Where as the others were still in it wen they were in the band and many of the gigs they played were cut short because these men in white suits came and Jerry ' the horny beast' Clien away because he kept humping the equipment. kevin was the singer even though he coodnt speek much english people could still understand every 10th word.

kevin loved everything and everyone except the men in white suits. he was in jail for 2 years for man slaughter of a man in a white suit. he was trying to restrwin him wen kevin hit him in the hed with a baseball bat. kevin was once married but she only married him because she didnt want to get deported. he loved her right up untill she ran off wit all his money and his car. kevin lived a happy life filled with fun and games untill he died at the tender age of 27. he died of hunger after being in a pantry cupboard for 2 weeks during a game of hide and go seek with Karen. Karen never found him.

the Assman (A.K.A. Karen) was a cross dreser from new jersey. he loved putting on his make up and hitting on guys at bars. he never liked girls after a traumatic experience he had with one at primary skool. ity was back in grade 3. he was sitting there eating his egg, jam and balony sandwhich wen he got beaten up by this girl because he was sitting in her seat. after he got beaten up he swore never to like girls again. and thats why he became a cross dresser. because he wanted to disguise his gayness as pretending to be a girl. Karen spent 27 years of his life in a mental institute before being released as a janitor at a high skool. he died drinking the toxic chemicals in the science lab. they made his head swell to the size of a beach ball before blowing up and splattering all over the lab.

Jerry 'the horny beast' clien got his name for being a very horny young man. he never liked living things though. he seemed to hav an obsetion for amplifyers. he was the drummer in the band. he didnt know how to play the drums. he just sat there and hit anything untill the men in white wood come and take him away. jerry spent 10 years of his life in the mental institution and died there. he died by jumping down 7 storeys downt he laundry shoot. he had left a tic tac in one fo his pockets in some trousers and was determined to get it back. but unfortunately that tic tac cost him his life.

a long winter was a band filled with many troubles and traumatic experiences.but they all stuck together and got through them. mainly because the men in the white suits came and took them away from everything an put them in those all white rooms wit those straight jackets on. but apart from that they played some kick ass gigs. they never made a CD because the men in white suits woodnt let The Horny Beast go near all thjat epuipment they had in the studio.i will never foget A Long Winter for they touched my heart with there songs of sadness and wisdom that they didnt even understand because they were mentally disturbed and shood never of been allowed to talk to any one at all.

Thanks to busta_grumpy@hotmail.com for submitting the biography.

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